In order to best understand RO, it helps tremendously to be familiar with OWL2. This advice does not necessarily hold for looking at RO through an application-specific prism: here the best way to view RO will be dictated by the application and the domain. However, when looking at the entire ontology understanding OWL2 will definitely help. At a minimum, it helps to know:

It also helps to know some of the practices of the OBO Community. For example:

Finally, for browsing in Protege, we recommend a tutorial such as the Pizza tutorial. A few additional tips help:

  • Hovering over an axiom reveals its ontology source (RO imports parts of other ontologies)
  • Using a reasoner will show you entailed axioms
  • A colored "@" means the axiom has annotations (e.g. provenance of the axiom). Click on the "@" to see these

Additional guides